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How to set up a project with Easy Admin

Accessing your Account

Now that you have Access to your account, you can view all projects within it, including those that have been archived. You can also create new boards as well as access the Project Settings tab on each board built within your account. From the Dashboard, click on My Accounts at the top and then click on the name of your account to enter it.

Creating a New Board

When you are viewing your account, you'll see a list of all projects, including those that have been archived (when a board is archived, it is simply removed from moderator and client dashboards 90 days after they have closed). You can click on any project to access it. you can also click on Create New Project on the top of this list to create a new board.

Entering the Board's Details

All of these fields must be filled in for the project to be created. You can edit these details later, if you need to, in the Project Settings tab, to which you now have access.

Project Settings

Now that you have access to the Project Settings tab on the left, you can go here to edit any board's name, dates, times, time zones, and color scheme. Click the Update Project Settings button on the bottom to save your changed.

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