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How to Upload an Image or Video with the Mobile App - iOS

You might be asked to upload images from the QualBoard Mobile App. Here's how to do it using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc):

Tap on the question to respond.

The question will pop up, and you will now be able to type your response and/or insert an image or video. To insert an image or video, click on the camera icon in the bottom left hand corner.

You will now be able to take a photo or video or attach an existing one from your photo library.

Once the image or video is attached you can leave a comment. When you are finished, tap "Post" to submit your response.

At this point, if you would like to upload more images to the same questions, tap "Answered" to see the question you just answered.

Now tap on that question to respond again and upload another image or video.

You will now see the camera icon appear at the bottom left of your screen. Use this to attach another image or video. You can upload as many images or videos as you'd like to the question. Simply repeat the process each time to upload more images or videos.

If you have any trouble, please email  support@qualboard.com for technical assistance.

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