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How to Post to the Mobile Journal - iOS

Sometimes your study may contain a journaling activity called LifeNotes. 

If Mobile Journals have been enabled for your project, you'll see the option to "LifeNotes" on your Project Menu once you've logged in and entered the project. Tap this button to begin.

You will see the outline of the activity. This may change every day or every few days, so make sure to read it each time you enter your journal. Once you've read it, tap the "Add a new note" button to be taken to your Journal Entry page.

Tap "Entry goes here" at the bottom to reveal the keyboard and enter your journal entry. To attach an image or video, tap the camera icon (you'll be asked to either select an image/video from the gallery or to take a new one with your camera). 

When you've completed your entry, tap the "POST" button. You can also view a list of your entries by looking under the MY NOTES section.

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