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What Do Emails from QualBoard Look Like?

Emails from the QualBoard system are sent to your participants or clients from our servers; they do not come from your personal email account.

The sender name that normally shows up when a participant gets an email is "QualBoard Study - [Moderator Name]."

The actual email address is "NOREPLY@QualBoard.com." Why? First, we don't want the system giving out your official email and contact info -- if you prefer to do that, you have the option to make this message come from your own email address. You'll see the option when you are composing the email. Second, for SPAM rule compliance, we can't fake or spoof your email address -- it's bad practice. 

You can also edit the body of the email or the subject line before you send it out.

An Email to a Participant

This is what an email to a participant looks like.  The above email shows the standard "Participant Invitation Template" that you have access to.  

Bottom of the Email (if you've appended login information)

We recommend appending participant login info to EVERY EMAIL -- just in case they lose the web address.

The participants can click the "Click Here to Access Your Account" to be taken directly to the system.  If they are a new user, they'll be instructed to choose their own personal password.  If they're an existing user, they'll be logged in automatically.  This link expires after 48 hours for security.

We also provide them with the URL/web address that they can use to access the site.  We do NOT show their password on this email for security reasons.

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