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Participant View vs. Moderator View vs. Client View

The moderator view and participant views are similar in structure but vastly different in what they can access.

Participant View

1.  Participants have Project Alerts to keep them on top of remaining to-do items

2.  Participants are shown what questions they need to answer  

3.  Participants CANNOT view the profiles of other users (and we can even turn the photos off)

4.  Participants have a very limited left navigation menu.

Moderator View

Moderators can do everything inside a discussion.  They have access to every function in the system.

1.  Full left navigation with every feature

2.  Full access to back room

3.  Can view question settings

4.  Can view profiles

(Not pictured) Can edit posts, create Content Tags, and leave Backroom Notes.

Client View

Clients can observe and comment, but cannot reply inside a discussion.  

1.  Can participate in the Backroom Discussion

2.   Cannot reply to any post

3.  Can view question settings

4.  Can view a partial profile (no email, real names, or addresses)

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