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QualBoard Quick Tips

In this lesson, we're going to cover basic, helpful tips for the QualBoard system. This is designed to be a "quick read" and is recommended for all new users of QualBoard.

The Login Page

From the Login Page, you can log in, reset your password, select your language, or have the site remember this computer.  

The log in page is found at https://login.qualboard.com.  You can always log in to the system directly from here.

Selecting one of the languages from the drop-down will change the user interface; participants will also need to set their local language before logging in.

If you select "Remember this Computer," your session will be open for 24 hours, regardless of how much you're active.  If you're using a personal or work computer, make sure to set this to YES.  If you're on a shared computer, set it to NO -- this will log you out after 45 minutes of inactivity and is more secure.

The Dashboard

The Dashboard changes slightly whether you are a moderator, client, or participant; however, they are all basically the same in what they allow you to do.  

Clients have a unique "Getting Started" video.  Moderators and participants have the same video (so you know how they've been shown to use the system).

We recommend instructing your participants to take a moment and upload a profile photo. They can do this by updating their profile (either from the Dashboard or the My Profile in the top menu). Having a profile photo is a great way to keep track of your participants in the discussion.

Pacing Your Discussion

When participants log in, they are always brought to the "Current Section" by default.  This is the section that is most currently available.   For example, if it is 2:25 PM on Tuesday, and your sections are:

  • Intro--- opens 8AM Monday
  • Section 2A--- opens 5:00PM on Monday
  • Section 2B--- opens 5:01PM on Monday
  • Concept Eval--- opens 8AM Tuesday
  • Ad Sample Review 1--- opens 5:00PM on Tuesday
  • Ad Sample Review 2--- opens 5:01 on Tuesday

Then your current section is Concept Eval; however, if a participant started late, you've just brought them midway into a live discussion... and they're way behind!  To "pace" the discussion, we recommend using mandatory, or required, questions at the beginning or end of most sections. This ensures the participants are completing sections one-at-a-time and in order before progressing to the next section. We highly recommend putting a mandatory question on the first section of your discussion. This will ensure that all participants see your introductory questions before beginning the discussion, no matter how late they start.

We never recommend making every question mandatory -- that begins to feel too much like a survey!

Project Alerts (for Participants)

The Project Alerts box tells participants how many unanswered questions, unread follow-ups (from moderators), and new messages they have.  We recommend starting many sections off with a Notice-type question that includes the reminder "Don't forget to check the Project Alerts to your left."  By clicking on the links, the participants are automatically taken to the questions/follow-ups they need to answer.   Participants should be constantly reminded to check the Project Alerts box to make sure they don't have any outstanding questions or probes to answer. It ensures they've answered 100% of the questions!

Notify Originator

When participants feel like you're actively listening, they tend to engage in the discussion more than when they're just another voice in the crowd. One way to make them feel heard is by sending them an email during the discussion to let them know you're listening.  

The quickest way to do this is to reply to a post and to check "notify originator."  This will send a quick email to the participant, letting them know that there is a new follow-up for them in the discussion. It will also let them know that you're engaged in the discussion.  

We don't recommend doing this for every post, but it's a great way to give feedback early on in the QualBoard discussion.  We recommend sending at least one notification to each participant during a board.

Sending Reminder Emails

One tip to increase participation is to send regular emails to your participants thanking them for their efforts and reminding them when the next section opens.  For a 3 day board, we recommend sending one "great job" email halfway through the board.  For a 5-day board, we recommend one every couple of days. This reminds participants and sets good expectations for the group.  

You can always schedule an email to be sent at a later date, automating the entire reminder process.

Public vs. Private Board Name

The Private Name is seen by clients and moderators ONLY.  It's a good idea to give your board a Private Name that is informative about the group you're studying or the subject matter.  

The Public Name is seen by everyone, including participants.

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