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Creating a QualLink

Request QualLink from your Account Executive or speak with your Project manager about adding QualLink to your project.

QualLink is an additional service offered at 20|20, and there may be additional charges associated with it. Before you can use QualLink, 20|20 will need to enable your board to receive the information.

Set Hidden Values

o utilize QualLink, your survey needs to house the following information as hidden values: 

  • API Key (provided to you when the bulletin board is created)
  • Project Key (provided to you when the bulletin board is created)
  • Method (add_project_user)
  • Version (1.0)

Write Your Survey

Continue writing your survey. QualLink is known to work with the following survey platforms:

  • Question Pro
  • Surveygizmo
  • Checkbox
  • WorldAPP Key Survey
  • Vovici
  • Surveywriter
  • Confirmit

Other survey platforms may be used, just ensure that a HTTP POST can be set up within them.

Survey Questions

The following questions must be asked and sent to QualBoard:

  • First Name
  • ast Name
  • Email Address

It is recommended that you set a password as a hidden value at this time.


As you write your survey, be sure to include quotas so that only the participants you want will be passed to QualBoard.

If you are unsure how to set up quotas within a survey, your survey provider should be able to work with you on this.

Insert the HTTP Form Post Action

To send the information to QualBoard, you need to set up a HTTP Post.

The API or URL you will need to post to is:


How QualLink Works

QualLink works by sending responses from your survey questions to the QualBoard system. The participant's name, email address, password, demographic information, and group tags are populated directly in QualBoard from your survey questions. All of this information is passed between the systems via the HTTP Form Post.

Variables That Can Be Passed Using QualLink

The above Variable Names and values that you can pass from your survey to QualBoard are listed above.

You can pass up to five group tags (segment labels) via QualLink. In many survey platforms you'll set a Hidden Value called Group Tags and pull in the answers of these group tags as variables. Be sure that they are comma separated. This Group Tag Hidden Value is what you pass via QualLink.

If you continue to have problems or questions, please email  support@qualboard.com as the comments on these articles are not published or monitored.

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