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Viewing/Filtering Mobile Journal Entries

The QualBoard Mobile app can be downloaded from:

The LifeNote Entries Page

The LifeNotes Entries page is where you are first taken after clicking the LifeNotes Journal tab on the left hand navigation pane. From this tab, you can see, filter, and export all of your participant's journal entries. The entries are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recently submitted entry at the top of the page.

(1) This is the participant's avatar, name, and the time in which the journal entry was posted. This time is translated to the project's timezone.
(2) This lists the body of the activity being responded to.
(3) This area contains the body of the participant's journal entry.
(4) If the participants posted any pictures or videos with their entry, they will be viewable in this window.
(5) This box reflects which activity is currently being broadcasted to participants.
(6) Use this drop down to focus on entries from a single participant.

Filtering by a Single Participant

The drop down list will show which participants have posted and which have not to make searching easier.

Advanced Filters

The Advanced Filters option works just like the Transcript View Filters. You can search by keywords, activity, participants, or group tags. You can also opt to show media or change the direction in which the posts are listed. Once you've set your criteria and clicked "Filter," you can export your transcript.

Exporting Your LifeNotes Journal Transcript

There are two options for transcript export: CSV and PDF. The CSV file will be opened in Excel. When you click one of these two, you'll be asked where to save the file, and the download will begin.

Mapping Your Entries

With the "Map All Entries" button, you'll be able to see where your participants were when they posted their LifeNote. Clicking this button opens a map with markers indicating your participant's locations.

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