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Inviting Participants to a Mobile Study

For the most part, inviting participants to a mobile study is much like a standard study.

Loading Your Participants

Typically when loading your participant list into the board, you leave their password field blank, because they'll be clicking on the link in their email to set their own password. If a participant has an iPhone and the QualBoard Mobile app, clicking the link from their phone will still open their iPhone's Safari browser and prompt them to set a password; however, depending on their OS, it may not work.

Therefore, our best suggestion for a board that has many mobile users is to preset all of your participants' passwords when you load them into the board and append the following to their email invitation:

EMAIL ADDRESS: the email address you are using for this study

PASSWORD: ________

WEBSITE: https://login.qualboard.com

If you'd like to use the QualBoard Mobile App, search your iTunes or Android/Google Play app store for "QualBoard."

If you continue to have problems or questions please email  support@qualboard.com as the comments on these articles are not published or monitored.

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