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Creating LifeNotes/Mobile Journals

Life Notes are programmed as a series of scheduled, open-ended assignments to which participants using the QualBoard website or Mobile app are able to respond. The QualBoard Mobile app can be downloaded from:

The LifeNotes Journal Tab

If LifeNotes is been enabled on your project, then you'll see the LifeNotes option on the left hand navigation pane. Click that tab to enter it.

You will see two tabs. The first, default selected tab is "LifeNote Entries." This is where you will see the posts created by your participants. The second tab, "LifeNote Activities," is where you customize your assignments. The grey speech box in this tab (below) is a preview of the assignment that is currently being broadcasted to participants. You will see all of your activities listed in this table. You can click any column header to sort by that column.

(1) The Display Time represents when that activity will be broadcasted. In this case, participants will see this activity from February 6th at 5:07pm onward, unless another activity is scheduled to be displayed following it.

(2) The creator is the display name of the person who programmed the activity.

(3) "As Moderator" lists who will be displayed to the participants as the author. When you create an activity, you can select anyone who has Moderator access to the project as the Moderator for the activity.

(4) The Activity Body lists the text of the activity.

(5) This check mark is an indication that this activity is is currently being broadcasted to all participants using the mobile app.

(6) You can click the pencil icon to edit the activity on this row.

(7) You can click the minus button to remove the activity.

(8) Lastly, you can click the Add LifeNote Activity button to add a new activity.

Creating a New LifeNote Activity

Once you've clicked the "Add LifeNote Activity" button, the creation window will appear. Enter the date and time that you'd like this activity to start being broadcasted, select the moderator who you would like to be displayed as the author of the activity from the drop down list, and enter the text of the activity in the body. When finished, click "Save Activity."

Viewing Your Created Activity

Once you've added your new activity, you'll see that it does not have the green check mark until it's started being broadcasted.

How Participants View Their Journal Activities

When your participants enter your project from the QualBoard Mobile app, they'll have two options- the first is to answer the questions in the discussion, and the second is to post a Mobile Journal entry. Once they select the second option, they'll be taken to the activity that is currently being broadcasted.

The participant sees the body of the activity and the moderator who is set as the author. When they touch the "Close Activity" button, they are directed to a page where they can compose their entry.

From this view, participants can attach or take pictures or video, type their entry, save it, and view their previous posts.

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