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Using the Video Editor

The lesson shows you how to use the video editor built into QualBoard to clip out the most important segments of your video or to make a montage of several video clips.

Video Editor

To access the video editor, click on "Video Editor" on your left hand navigation.

Video Editor Screen

When you click on "Video Editor," you will first see the Video Editor as pictured above. The other tab across the top is the "Editor Output." All of the videos that you create in the Video Editor will be stored in the Video Output.

You can make several different types of edits in the Video Editor. You can edit one video to a specific clip that you would like to get a verbatim for your report, or you can create a montage clip of several participants talking about a specific issue. The process is the same for either type of clipping you would like to do.

Start by clicking on "Add New Clip."

Selecting Your Clips

Each clip has a checkbox next to it. You can check the box to place the clip into the editor. If you select multiple clips, you can make a video montage. If you just want to edit one clip, just click on the one file. If you want to filter as you're looking for the clips to edit you can use the "Show Only" options listed on the right hand side.

When you click on "Show only these..." the list of those users, group tags, or content tags will appear.


To filter, click on the filter option (either "Show Only These Users," "Show Only These Group Tags," "Show Only These Content Tags"). When you click on the filter, the list will appear with the created users or tags. Click on the user or tag that you would like.

Once you click on the filter, the video list will shorten to just the videos that fall into that category. You'll be able to see the filter that you picked listed on the right hand side.

Select the video that you would like to clip by clicking the box next to the video. When it is selected you will be able to see a green check mark in the box. To add any video to the project after you select the box, you'll have the option to then click on "Add to Project" (2).

Once you have selected the videos you would like to add to the project, you will see the videos list in the right hand column. You can continue adding video by clicking on "Add New Clip."  

The order the videos are listed in are the order of the montage you are creating. If you would like to change the order, drag the video to the place you would like. To do so, click on the video and, while continuing to press the mouse, move the video to the proper order.

To delete a video click on the "x."

Viewing the Video in the Editor

When you click on the video in the video editor, the video will load for play back. You will be able to see all of your content tags and backroom notes. Hover your mouse over the backroom note or content tag, and you will be able to see the tag or note.

To play the video, click play.

Cropping the Video

Click on "Crop."  The crop will start wherever you are in the playback of the video.

In the above picture, the green highlighted area is the area of the video that I am cropping out or keeping. The unhighlighted area is the part of the video that will not be visible. During playback, the video that will not be visible is red and has "This section of the video will be removed" across the playback.

You can make the crop larger or smaller by dragging on the ends of the green highlighted bar. Click on the bar and drag your mouse to the left or right to make the clip shorter or longer.

You can press play to watch the clip. To fast forward, drag the play back bar to the desired location on the video.

If it is a single video, you can publish it after you have the desired clip. If you are making a montage video (multiple clips together), you can move to the next video by clicking on it. The edits or crop you made to the first video will remain.

Making Additional Crops

Click on the next video to begin making the clip. The process is the same for this video. Click on crop, and then drag the green bar to cover the segment of the video that you would like to use.


Once you have clipped all of the videos, click "Publish." Type in the name you want to save the clip as, and then click "Okay." QualBoard will tell you that this may take a few moments depending on the size of your video. Please be patient while the video is saved. QualBoard will alert you when the process completes.

Viewing Your Edited Videos

Once the video has saved, you will be able to view it in the Editor Output. This is also where you download the clips to your computer.

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