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Adding Content Tags to Webcam Responses

This lesson will show you how to leave a content tag on your webcam responses.

Select the Video You Want to Watch

Click on the video you would like to watch. When you click on the video, the Webcam Response viewer will open. The viewer automatically loads the video that you wish to see.

Video Viewer

Press "Play" to begin viewing the video. When you reach a portion of the video that you would like to apply a content tag to click on "Apply Content Tag."

Apply Content Tag

You have a couple of options when applying content tags.

1) You can apply a tag that you've already created. Just click on the name of the tag that you want to apply from the list.

2) You can create a new content tag and apply it. Type in the new content tag by clicking on "Create New Content Tag" and typing in your content tag name. Then click "Use New Content Tag."

Click on "Apply Content Tags." You will only have this option after you click on the content tag in the list.

Final Results

You'll see content tags listed in two places.

(1) Content tags will be flagged in the video itself. If you hover over the content tag flag, you'll see the content tag label.

(2) Content tags are listed in the bottom left corner of the viewer.

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