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Viewing Webcam Response Responses

This lesson shows you how to navigate through the video responses from your participants.

Click on the Video

Click on the video you would like to view.

Webcam Response Viewer

When you click on the video in the Discussion View, the webcam response viewer will open.

To view the video, click the play button

There are several features built in to the Webcam Response Viewer:

  • All of the other responses to the video are listed on the right hand side. You can click on any of these responses to view another response to the same question.
  • Below the video, you can see participant information including a profile picture the participant may have uploaded as well as any group tags that may have been assigned to that participant.
  • From the viewer, you can also leave backroom comments about the videos. Backroom comments are notes to your client team to let them know about a portion of the video that they should see.
  • You can also leave content tags to remind you about key information that you want to be able to quickly refer to later.

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