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Adding a Webcam Video to Questions

This lesson tells you how to add a webcam video to a question in the discussion guide.

Create Your Question 

Click "Create New Question," choose your question type, and then type in your question. Next, click "Submit."

*Even if you are going to record yourself asking the question always be sure to bullet point out the discussion topics or to write out the question in the question body for participants to reference.

Add Webcam Video

Click on "Add Webcam Video."

Record Your Video

Click on the "Record" button. If this is your first time recording, you will see the Adobe Flash Player Settings.

Adobe Flash Player Settings

Make sure that you click "Allow" and "Remember." When you click "Remember," you will not have to select "Allow" again. You'll be able to automatically start recording your video when you click record.

Notes On Recording

(1) You can see the volume level on the right hand side. Make sure that it's picking up the volume as you speak.

(2) The duration of your video is shown here with the green bar and with the time stamp.

(3) When you are finished recording, click the "Stop" button.

Finalizing the video

You have an opportunity to review your video or re-record once you have finished recording. Just click on the option you would like. To submit the video click on Click here to submit your video.

Removing a webcam Video

To remove the webcam video after you have uploaded it click on the Remove Webcam Video button on the bottom of the question.

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