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Rotating Participant Videos

When your participants upload videos from their cell phones, they can often turn out sideways. We have added the ability to rotate these videos with a simple click.

Rotating the videos only occurs in the platform. Once you download these videos from the Media Gallery, the original video may still be sideways when played on your machine. We have included a few steps showing how to rotate the downloaded video with Windows Live Movie Maker at the bottom of these instructions.

Go to the Media Gallery Tab to Edit the Video

If you see a sideways video in your Discussion View, you'll need to head to the Media Gallery tab to find the video and fix it.

Find Your Sideways Video

Navigate through the pages of the media gallery or use the search filters to find your sideways videos.

Edit the Video

Click the "Edit" button on the video and then select the new orientation. From the drop down menu, choose the direction that you would like the video to be rotated. Once you select an option, you'll see a small icon appear that exemplifies the direction in which the selected rotation will occur.

Wait for the Rotation to Occur

It will take a few minutes for the rotation to finish. Come back in about 5 minutes, and the video should be oriented correctly. When the rotation has occurred, the thumbnail of the video in Discussion View will also be rotated.

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