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Adding Attachments to Questions

Do you have a file that you want your participants to download? Do you need to share a document or presentation that can't be loaded into a Whiteboard? You can add an attachment to any question in your discussion guide, which appears on the bottom of the question as a clickable blue to download and open the attachment.

It's important to remember that there is a 20 megabyte file size limit, and your participants will need to download the file to their computer in order to open it.

Click the "Add Attachment" button on the question you want to add the attachment to.

The "Project Files" tab lists all attachments used in the project so far. To upload a new file as your attachment, click the "Upload New File" tab.

Click the "Select File" button to choose the file you would like to attach.

Once the file has been uploaded and selected as your attachment, it will appear on the bottom of the question with an attachment icon and a blue link to download the file.

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