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How to Upload Images and Video

There are two ways to upload images or videos to a discussion guide on QualBoard: embedding them into the post/question or as a whiteboard. 

Adding Video or Images to Questions as a Whiteboard

There are three main reasons that you would want to embed your stimuli as a whiteboard:

1. You only want the participant to focus on one image or video at a time.

2. You want the participant to be able to reply while watching the video or viewing the image.

3. You do not have excessively small text. Whiteboard images are automatically resized to a maximum of 600 (height) by 800 (width) to accommodate the lowest resolution monitors on the market.

If the above points don't describe your operation, scroll down to see the second method.

First, create your question in its entirety. You can use any question type except notice.

After your question has been created, written, and you've clicked to submit it, click the "Add Whiteboard" button on the bottom right.

A portion of the question box will expand downward, revealing two buttons: "Add Multimedia Whiteboard" and "Add Website Whiteboard."

Click "Add Multimedia Whiteboard" to select your file.

A window will appear with two tabs at the top: "Project Files" and "Upload New File."

The "Project Files" tab lists all videos or images that have already been uploaded to the board by you or other moderators. To upload a new file, click the tab labeled "Upload New File."

Click the button labeled "Select File," and you will be prompted to navigate through your computer to the file.

Once you have selected the file and clicked "Open" in the dialogue box, the file will begin to upload. Once it is done, you will be taken to the "Project Files" tab.

Click the thumbnail of the file you just uploaded in the list of "Project Files," and it will be added to the question.

After selecting the file, click "Save Whiteboard," and the question will be updated.

The file will now be listed on the left of the question, and the "Add Whiteboard" button will have changed to a "Remove Whiteboard" button.

When a participant comes across the question in their discussion, it will look like this. A participant can click either the "You have not replied. Click here" button or the blue "Whiteboard Question" button to see the attached stimulus.

After clicking one of those two buttons, the video or image will appear on the participant's screen, greying out the discussion behind it. Directly beneath the stimulus will be a space for them to answer the question as they view it.

Embedding Videos or Images to Questions

You will want to use this method of showing stimuli for the following reasons:

1. You want more than one image or video to be shown at the same time.

2. You have lots of small text that participants will need to enlarge the image to see.

To embed the stimulus, you will need to begin in the text editing pane.

Place your cursor where you would like the image or video to be in the question. Click the "Insert Image" icon to insert either an image or a video where the cursor lies. It is to the left of the smiley face icon.

This will bring up a window listing the same tabs as described in the Whiteboard method, "Project Files" and "Upload New File."

Also as described in the Whiteboard method, once you have uploaded a new file it will be added to the "Project Files" list. Click the thumbnail of the image and it will be dropped into your question as a thumbnail. You can click and drag the squares on the corner of the image to resize it.

When the participants see the question, they will be able to click on the image to enlarge it. It will reopen on their screen with the rest of the page grayed out, this time sized to a maximum of 600 (height) by 800 (width) to accommodate the lowest resolution monitors on the market. Clicking it a third time will open the image in a new window in its original size.

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