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Standard Definition vs High Definition

There are many great High Definition products on the market today, and many are available to your participants at a great price. But are they right for your project?

The differences between the images that a Standard Definition camera produces versus a High Definition camera is pretty negligible. You still get all of the facial expressions that you would with High Definition.

The real issue is with file size. As your project grows and you ask more of your participants, so will the disc size of the project.

Many participants are not on the fastest internet speeds available, so making them upload a 198 megabyte 3 minute video will be highly frustrating, while uploading 66 megabyte 3 minute video will give them plenty of time to complete the discussion for the day and shoot more videos.

Also keep in mind what expectation you have for total disk size of your videos. How will you download them all? Do you need to download them all? And of course, do you have time to download them all? The duration is also something that is often overlooked. If you don't have time to watch 3 hours of video, then you probably have your participants recording videos that won't be watched.

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