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Interpreting the Highlight Tool

Because the highlight tool allows your participants to select a region rather than drop a point, interpreting the results may be a bit more difficult than a markup heatmap.

Show Marks as Flags

The first thing you'll want to do is select the "Show Marks as Flags" option. This will draw the exact boxes that your participants did.

You'll see all of the boxes, in whichever colors you have toggled, laying over each other on the heatmap.

Selecting a single highlight tool will also make the image easier to interpret. In this example, we've left "Great!" selected while "Bad Idea" is unchecked.

Lower the Heat Range

The Heat Range represents how "large" each click looks in your heatmap. When large areas have been highlighted, they will be represented by multiple hot spots. Lowering this number will make it easier to interpret heat when multiple boxes have been placed over each other.

Default Heat Range: 4; this looks like only a few clicks, because the boxes are so large.

Heat Range: 1; lowering the number makes the large boxes show as more, and smaller clicks. When multiple boxes lie on top of each other, lowering the heat range better represents the multiple boxes as a series of smaller clicks.

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