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QualLaborate Canvas Options

The purpose of this lesson is to show the different options when creating the canvas instructions, including the different mark up and highlight tool combinations.

Canvas Instructions

The Canvas Instructions are the text that you add to instruct the participants on what you would like them do to for that particular canvas.

At this point you can make a choice as to which type of tools you'd like the participants to use: markups (pin point precision) or highlights (a tool that highlights a region). We recommend that if you wish to use a combination of highlights and mark ups that you be sure that no two tools mean the same thing.

Mark Up Options

You can have up to six different mark up options visible to the participants. To remove any of the options, you just uncheck them.

There are two categories of mark ups arranged in columns. The first column is controlled by a drop down menu. Click on the drop down to view the different options.

Mark Up Options

Smileys, Check boxes, Thumbs, Plus Minus and Numbers






Secondary Column Mark Up Options

The three icons on the left side column can be exchanged for any of the icons in the image above.

Customizing Mark Up Label

Highlight Tools

You can customize the name of any of your marks (or highlight tools) by clicking into the text box next to the icon and entering new text.

There are six different colored highlighters that you can label for different highlights.

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