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What is a QualLaborate Heat map?

This lesson contains a description of what a Heat map is and how to best interpret the "heat" represented.

A Heat Map is a color-coded representation of your image tinted to describe areas of higher activity.

On a heat map, the hotter areas (yellows to reds) describe areas that were clicked more often than others. The colder areas (blues to greens) are areas that received little to no attention by your participants. The area of heat is determined by the heat range located on the bottom left of the image. The higher the number, the larger of a heat area each participant click has.

You may see that areas on the map have a stronger color of heat, but they appear to have fewer clicks. The concentration of heat is determined by a mathematical equation that uses the distance between marks and the number of marks collected to determine the heat present on the image.

With this image as an example, you can see that a lot of participants were attracted to the elephant's head and the phrase "The scientific community recognizes the site as the 'Birthplace of American Vertebrate Paleontology.'"

With QualLaborate, you are able to specify individual mark-up tools and individual questions posed to your participants, while seeing how the combination affects the heat map. Any one of these heat maps can be exported.

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