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What Will My QualLaborate Look Like to Participants?

The following screenshots are a step-by-step of what participants see while they are completing a QualLaborate activity. You can always test your activities by clicking the "Test Activity" button on your activity.

Welcome Page

Clicking "Okay" hides the welcome message.

First Impression Instructions

These instructions will appear if the First Impressions option is enabled. Click "Okay" to hide this message.

Selecting Your First Impressions

After selecting your first impression icon and entering some comments, click the "Save First Impression" button to begin the true markup.

Canvas Instructions

These instructions describe what each tool should be used for. Click the "Begin" button to hide this message.

Marking Up Your Canvas

For each mark, select a tool on the left, then click a location on the canvas, and enter a comment into the comment box that appears. Click "Save" to save your mark. Repeat for each mark.

Using the Highlighting Tools

For the highlighting tools, select a tool, then click and drag a box around the region that you would like to highlight. Once you let go of your mouse, a box will appear to enter your comment. Again, click "Save" to save your highlight and comment.

Save & Finish Markup

When you are finished, click on "Save & Finish Markup" on the top of the page. This will then reveal the Closing Message of your activity. Click "Okay" to be taken back to the discussion.

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