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What is QualLaborate?

There are many options available to you for concept testing, and QualLaborate is probably the most in-depth option in the marketplace.

What is QualLaborate?

QualLaborate is a concept tool that allows your participants to leave a first impression of an idea in addition to highlighting and marking up images or concepts that you specify. They can call out specific portions of the image or specific lines of text and add additional notation to each mark they make. Many of the options within QualLaborate are customizable, such as the instructions and the icons that the participants will use.

First Impressions

One great feature of our QualLaborate platform is the First Impression, which allows the participant to rate the image (as a like or dislike, thumbs up or thumbs down, or a positive or negative). Participants can also leave comments to describe or explain their overall first impression of the image.

Markup Tools

QualLaborate has many options and tools that you can give your participants to use to mark up your concepts. With this many options comes the need for very explicit instructions detailing what each tool should be used for.

Added Detail

For every mark that a participant makes, they are able to add additional comments. As the moderator, you can make these mandatory or leave them as optional.

Where did you leave off?

Participants are able to leave a markup activity at anytime and return where they had left off.

When is QualLaborate a good idea for my project?

If you want to be able to pull the responses from a large group of participants and compile their likes and dislikes together as related to a single or a few images, this is the right platform for you. It excels in testing what parts or phrases in concepts need to be changed and which are winners. You can randomize your images to limit bias, and you can pull heat maps to see areas of highest activity.

If you want more than just a participants' reaction to a concept as a whole, then QualLaborate is your product.

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