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20|20 Logistics Services

Feeling Overwhelmed? 20|20 Technology offers logistics services designed to make moderating easier. With our help, all you will have to do is sit down, moderate, and report.

Contact Us

On the bottom right hand corner of each page, you can click "Submit Support Request" to email us. You can also click "Chat with QualBoard Support" on the bottom left corner of each page to live chat with a support representative. Alternatively, you can email us at support@qualboard.com

Currently, we offer the following services for a nominal fee:

  • Loading Discussion Guides: We will enter all of your questions and create the flow/timeline of your discussion. We will be very open with you about typical procedures in guide programming, and we'll honor any special requests you have for your project.
  • Loading Participants: We will enter the participants into your board and send out approved login instructions at a time that you designate. The same for clients and additional Moderators.
  • Loading Images: We will insert your concepts stimuli, videos, you name and make it accessible and easily viewable by your participants.
  • Participant Management: We'll call and contact your participants to make sure that they are staying up-to-date with the questions and assignments.
  • Additional Services: We charge hourly for just about anything else you might need us to do for you.

Contact us if you have any questions about any of these services. We're glad to help and glad to make your experience with Qualboard a good one.

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