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Selective Copy

Selective Copy is a great way to pull information out of an older or contemporary project that you'd like to see in a board that you are building. Cloning a board is great way to duplicate an entire board in case you want to do it again with different participants or different stimuli.

Selective Copy


First, make sure you are in the board from which you want to copy this information. To enter the Selective Copy page, (1) click "Discussion Guide" and (2) "Selective Copy."

The Selective Copy Screen

(1) Select the destination project from the drop down menu. This will list all of the projects that you have access to, excluding the project you are currently in.

(2) Select the sections you'd like to copy over. You can select all of them or just a few. Some moderators use the same welcome section for all of their projects.

(3) Here you can copy over your Clients, Moderators, or Participant lists to the destination project.

(4) Copy over any Group or Content Tags you plan on using in the destination project.

(5) After you have selected all of the material you'd like to copy, click the "Copy to Project" button.

Confirmation Screen

After clicking the "Copy to Project" button, a confirmation window will appear asking if you're sure. Click the "Continue" button to complete the operation or the "Cancel" button to cancel.

Arranging the New Sections

After the copy has completed, enter the (1) Discussion Guide of the destination project. The sections that you just copied will be placed after the Discussion Close time and may be out of order. You will need to rearrange them.

(2) Click the section open time to reset it. The sections are arranged chronologically based on their open times.

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