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Starring Posts

In this lesson, we'll explain not only how to star a post, but also why you may want to use the stars.  Your clients will love you for this!

How to Star a Post

To star a post, click the star on the post. That's all there is to it! To remove the star, just click it again, and the post will no longer be starred.

Why Would I Want to Star a Post?

Starring a post flags it to be tracked in QualBoard. You can now go to the transcript view and export a PDF transcript of just those starred posts.  You can send your clients a daily summary of the day's most interesting posts in a short and quick update!  Just click the "Show Only Starred" box under "Step 2: Choose Options," and export your daily summary transcript.

Remember to Un-Star those posts when you're done so they don't show up in tomorrow's update too!

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