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Cloning a Board

This lesson is only relevant if you have Administrative Access on your account.

Cloning a board copies over the exact discussion discussion guide along with the same schedule of dates and times assigned to each section to a new board. It also copies over all moderator-uploaded project files/media and any content or group tags.

The Account Level

When you are viewing your account on QualBoard, each project under your account has three options, (1) one to enter the board, (2) one to clone the board, and (3) one to delete the board. (2) Click the "Clone Board" button to clone it.

The Clone Project Window

A window will appear with further options. In this window you can enter any new information about this cloned board. You can enter new Public or Private Names and set the timezone.

(1) You can also enter a new open time and date. Close date will automatically be determined based on the duration of the original board. Sections will also be scheduled following that same time line as a template.

(2) If you'd like this new cloned board to have the same moderators, clients, or participants as the previous one, check the appropriate box.

(3) When you're ready, click "Clone Project" to continue.

When the clone is complete, the new board will appear on your project list at the account level.

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