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Exporting Transcripts with Asian Characters to Excel (Windows)

If your study was conducted in Japanese, Korean, Chinese or another character-driven language, here are some steps to view the exported transcript in Excel. The following steps will work if you are using Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2007

First, add the languages to Microsoft Office if you have not already done that.

Click " Start" on the menu bar. Then select "All Programs."

Navigate through the folders to  Microsoft Office.

Then click on " Microsoft Office Tools"

Now select " Microsoft Office Language Settings."

Selecting Languages

A window will appear with a list of language options. Select all of the languages that you will need (1), then click "Add" (2). Click "OK" (3) to close the window.

Pulling your Transcript in QualBoard

In QualBoard's "Transcript View," set your search parameters as you would for any transcript (click here for details on transcript options), and then click "Excel" or "Export Poll Data to Excel." It may take a while, but it will start downloading a .CSV file. Do not open the file.

Open Excel

Open Excel (this may look a bit different depending on the version you have. This screen shot is for 2007). Click the "Data" tab on the top, and then click the "From Text" button (third from the left). A window will appear asking you to select the file. Find and select the .CSV file that you just downloaded from QualBoard.

Interpreting the .CSV File

A new window will appear called the "Text Import Wizard." Make sure the radio button is set to "Delimited" and NOT "Fixed width." Select the language on the text from the drop down, then click the button labeled "Next >."

Specify the Delimiter

CSV stands for “Comma Separated Values,” and this next page in the Text Import Wizard is asking you how this data is separated. There will be five check boxes on the top left, only place a check mark next to "Tab" and "Comma," then click "Finish."

It should begin placing all of the data into the cells of your Excel file. Now you can save  and share it.

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