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Adjusting Your HTML Transcript in Word

You might not like how the Word transcript looks and prefer the HTML transcript's look instead. Once you have the HTML file, you can adjust it in Word.

Saving Your HTML Transcript

When you export to HTML, your filtered transcript appears in a new web page or a new tab. In order to be scalable to different monitor resolutions, most of the tables in this transcript are created with a width of 100% rather than an actual pixel amount. Before saving this transcript, make sure that the text is readable in Word, in which a document is more narrow than a computer screen.

Before you save this transcript, zoom in to it. With most web browsers, you can do that by holding down the CTRL key on your keyboard while scrolling up with the mouse wheel. You can also press CTRL and the Plus (+) key to zoom in.

Imagining that your screen is as narrow as a document (8 inches or so), zoom in until the text seems to be an appropriate size for that width.

Saving the Page in Chrome

Once your screen is sufficiently zoomed into the HTML transcript, you can save the page. Either right click somewhere on the background of the document and select "Save As" or click on the wrench (Chrome) and select "Save page as" to save it to your computer.

Saving the Page in Firefox

For Firefox, click on the Firefox button and select "Save Page As."

Saving the Page in Internet Explorer

For Internet Explorer, click on the gear icon, select "File," and then click "Save As."

Name Your File

Name your file and save it somewhere you will find it. As for type, ensure that it's listed as "Webpage, Complete."

Retrieving Your File

When searching for this saved file, don't be alarmed if you see the HTML file in addition to a folder. This folder houses all of the images in your transcript, so don't delete it. By default, your saved HTML file opens in your default browser. We don't want to do this, so let's open Word.

Opening Your HTML Transcript in Word

As you would open any Word document in the Open window, navigate to your HTML transcript file and select it to open it. It may take a few moments for the file to open fully.

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