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Transcript Tips

Most of the time, you'll just need a full transcript of the discussion, but sometimes you might want something more specific or targeted.

The Transcript Search Screen

  • To view a complete transcript with no details, click any of the file format options in Step 3 to begin the download.
  • Normally, your transcript will ignore notices and other questions that were never answered by participants (more likely when pulling a transcript of a single participant). To still show these unanswered moderator questions, click "Show Unmatched Questions" in Step 2. This is a useful tool to see where a particular participant fell off or what they skipped. It also keeps the original narrative of your discussion guide intact by still showing notices.
  • The "Show Only Starred" option in Step 2 is a great way to form a quick, single, example-driven transcript for clients who don't want to read through all posts. As you moderate, each user post will have the outline of a star on the left. When you click that star, the outline will be filled and the post will count as "starred." You can "star" one post for each question that give a good example of the overall feel of the group and pull a transcript of the "Starred" posts to create a quick, small transcript that shows the general thoughts of the group throughout the discussion.
  • If you plan on printing your transcripts for later review, you might want to save ink by not printing the images. To do that, click "Hide Images" and "Hide Avatars" in Step 2.
  • If your discussion guide included a lot of multiple choice options to gauge participants' feedback or preferences from different products or stimuli discussed, you can pull a transcript of just the multiple choice question by selecting the question type in Step 1. This formulates a transcript of only the pie charts generated by the users' responses. Additionally, if you want to play with that data in Excel to create your own graphs, you can click the  "Export Poll Data to Excel" option in Step 3.

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