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Applying Group Tags to Participants

There are four ways to apply Group Tags to your participants.

1.  From Project Users/Groups tab (easiest to do in bulk)

2.  Individually during the discussion

3.  Automatically from Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer responses

4. Importing the tags with the participants.

From the Project Users area, Groups tab

1.  Select the users (or users) you'd like to assign to a tag (remember, users can have multiple tags)

2.  Click "Assign Group Tag"

Note: QualBoard makes it easy to tell which tags the moderator assigned, and which were assigned by Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer questions.  Auto-assigned tags are assigned automatically by MC/MA questions you've set up in the discussion guide.  These cannot be removed manually -- you must edit or delete the participant's answer to that MC/MA question.

Individually, During the Discussion

From the Discussion View or Quick View tabs, click on the Participant Profile and click on "Add New Groups."

Automatically from a Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer Question

When editing a polling question, click "Create New Option."  From this menu you will typically enter the option for the question, but you can also assign a group tag to the given response. Begin typing the name of the tag and select it if it already exists or select New Tag when that option appears if it's a new group tag.

Participants will be assigned this tag if they select this corresponding answer.

Importing Tags with your Participants

When you are importing your participants and filling out their demographic data in the Excel import template, the final column on the right can include group tags. Enter all of the tags for that user, separated by a comma, and each item will be automatically converted into a group tag and automatically be applied to that participant when the user template is imported.

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