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What Kind of Output Can I Expect From QualBoard?

Since QualBoard was envisioned as a bulletin board discussion platform with a full suite of features, it has a varying array of output options to assist you in your report writing or final deliverables. These are the outputs we have. If you need your information presented in an alternate way, you can manipulate some of the exports yourself or contact support for assistance.

QualBoard is a qualitative bulletin board, and we're aware that people are using it for a lot of different purposes.  The available export options are the ones that we feel will meet the majority of qualitative moderators' needs.


Through the QualBoard transcript view, you are able to export the text and images of your discussion in the following formats:

  • PDF
  • Word
  • HTML
  • Excel
  • Polling Data Excel

We also have many filtering options for your reports. You can filter by participant, group (based off of group tags), start or end date, specific question, sections, question types, content tags, or by specific Keywords.

Transcripts - PDF

Your PDF report shows easily identifiable posts. This format may not be as printable as the Word format as more color is involved, and the more defined posts will result in larger page counts.

Transcripts - Word

The word transcript is less graphical and editable. This is good if you are going to be manipulating a lot of text and printing out the transcript.

Transcript - HTML

The HTML transcript opens your transcript as a web page on a new tab in your browser. It looks a lot like the PDF transcript. From the web page, you can copy and paste all of this data into Word, or you can save the webpage and open the file with the Browser. You can also print directly from the browser.

Transcript - Excel

The Excel transcript is a .csv file. This reporting option may work well if your discussion has lots of information you need to fish through, a lot of participants, or if you have many posts with one word answers. 

Transcript - Poll Data

The Polling Data export only pulls Multiple Choice and Multiple Answer questions. These are formatted in a way to make it easier to create your own graphs in Excel or Power Point.

Media Gallery

If your study involves participants submitting lots of images or video, the Media Gallery will be useful to you. From this view, you can download the media from your project. With the filter options, you can search by file type, section, question, user, content tag, or group tag -- or you can download all of the media that has been loaded to the board.

Analysis Tools - Word Cloud

There are two analysis tools to help you find the overarching themes in the text of your project. The Word Cloud allows you to set filters that search for a specific portion of your transcript or all of it. From there, a Word Cloud is created which changes the text size and color to reflect which words are used most.

Analysis Tools - Histogram

Like the Word Cloud, the Histogram counts words and shows their distribution as a bar graph. You can also apply filters to manipulate this report.

QualLaborate Heat maps

If you have QualLaborate enabled on your project (our image markup tool), you can see a heat map indication where your participants placed marks of an indicated attitude. You'll also receive pie charts of your participants' first impressions of the concept along with any comments they left.

QualLaborate Transcript

You can export a report of your QualLaborate Activities as a PDF (shown above), or you can export just the heat maps as .jpg images.

Content Tags

Content Tags provide a way to label certain words or phrases that your participants use. If you use Content Tags while moderating your discussion, applying them to text in your participants' posts, you can also view a count of the users whose posts have received these tags or use them as a filter in your transcripts.

If you continue to have problems or questions, please email  support@qualboard.com. The comments on these articles are not published or monitored, so please email support@qualboard.com for further help.

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