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How Can I Use Analysis Tools?

Analysis Tools can be used to find patterns in your study by highlighting key terms used.  Those key terms can be filtered by any combination of participants, sections, questions, group tags, and content tags.  The patterns you discover while using the Analysis Tools will give you insight into patterns you may not have otherwise noticed that you can use to pull more informed transcripts or apply content tags to track those patterns in the discussion.

The Word Cloud

The Word Cloud displays of all of the most popular words used in your study.  Here, you can see at a glance which words were repeated the most times.  The words used the most will appear largest in the list.

The Histogram

The Histogram works much like the word cloud; however, instead of the cloud, you see a bar graph with concrete statistics on the 20 most used words, including how many times the words were used.  


You can narrow the scope of the Word Cloud and Histogram to only display words used by specific participants or used in specific sections, questions, group tags, and even in your custom content tags or ANY combination of these.  To use the filter, click in the field over the category that you want to filter by, and choose the criteria for your filter by placing a checkmark in the box next to the item you want included in your report.  For example....

Filtering: An Example

In this example, we are filtering by participant.  To do this, we checked the participants whose posts we want to be calculated in with the Word Cloud.  After selecting the criteria, click the "Select" button at the bottom.

Using the Results

In the examples above, we observed that on the Word Cloud (1), the word "love" was used quite a few times in our study.  We turned to the Histogram and confirmed that the word was actually used a total of 7 times.  Hmm.. the word love used in a study about movies... could they be talking about love stories?

Pulling a Transcript to Test Your Findings

Now that we've observed a frequently used word, we can switch over to the Transcript View and pull up all posts where the word "love" was used.  We just typed "love" in for the Post Keywords and clicked "Preview Results Below" to see the results.

Sometimes the results can be surprising!  We found that in our study about movies, not one single time was the word love being used to describe a love story!  They were talking about everything from loving popcorn to loving previews!  It seems our sample may not be the romantic movie crowd!

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