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Applying Content Tags to Participant Posts

Content Tags are like notes or "highlighting" within your active discussion.  You might apply a Content Tag every time a competitor's product is mentioned (e.g. "I really don't like this brand. I prefer product X," might be tagged as 'competitor mentioned'), or when a certain theme is mentioned by a participant (e.g. "I never consider this brand, because it's too expensive," might be tagged as 'price concern').

How to Apply Content Tags

1.  To apply a Content Tag, highlight the text or image you'd like to tag, and right-click on the highlighted area.  The Content Tag menu should appear.

2.  In this example, one Content Tag, "value," has already been used and shows up in the Quick List (the last 10 used Content Tags).  To create a new Content Tag, click "Create New Content Tag."

3.  Once you've created the new tag, right click the text again and click "View All Content Tags" to see the newly created tag.  Check the box for the new tag you'd like to use, and then click "Apply Content Tags."

Viewing All Content Tags

The last 10  Content Tags you've applied always appear in the Quick List when you right-click on that highlighted text.  If you'd like to use one of your other tags, click the "View All Content Tags" button to choose one from your library.

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