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The Client Backroom Discussion

Viewable in both the Discussion View and Quick View tabs, the Backroom Discussion is accessible to all client observers and moderators while remaining hidden from participants.

There are TWO types of backroom posts.

Discussion: This is the general discussion in the Backroom panel.  It's seen under the Discussion tab. Use this for general information about the project.

Notes: Backroom Notes are left by clients and moderators on specific posts.  Click the Notes tab to show all the Notes in your discussion.

The Backroom Discussion Panel

1.   Post Count: This shows the total number of general discussion entries and notes.

2.   Comment Area: This is where you enter comments.

3.   Submit: Click "Submit" to leave a general discussion entry.

4.   Notes: Click this to switch to view all notes left about specific posts in the discussion.

5.   Settings Icon (wrench): You can turn on email alerts. This will send a note to your inbox whenever a new backroom entry is left.

Leaving a Backroom Note on a Participant Post

1. Click the "Backroom Notes" button

2. Type in any comments you would like to leave

3. Click "Add New Comment" to submit

If there are existing Backroom Notes about this post, you can see them and add your own entry.

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