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Best Practices for a Smooth Discussion

We're always more than happy to provide feedback about your discussion setup; just contact support or your Project Manager.

Here are some helpful tips for a smooth discussion.

Spread your discussion out -- no more than 15 questions in a given section.

When you add more than ten questions in a given section, the participant posts and questions will become difficult to navigate easily. Instead, break up your questions across a few sections (e.g. Tuesday PM Section A, Section B, Section C).

Set some questions as MANDATORY to pace the discussion and ensure a good experience

When a question is marked as mandatory in the discussion guide, it will appear to the participants like the question above.  If they haven't answered this question, they can't go to the next section, nor can they see the other questions on the page. They're basically "stuck" here at this question and cannot proceed.  We recommend adding required questions to the top or bottom of the first section of each morning and afternoon's questions to ensure participants that get behind don't skip important parts of the discussion.

Use masking to reduce bias and ask private questions

However, you need to tell participants in your question that this is a "masked" or private question.  We don't alert them to that in the discussion, for a variety of reasons, but if you're looking to collect more personal information, use the Masking options.

Start your discussion off right

For many groups, we recommend that your very first section is set up as follows:

1.  Post a Notice with of expectations, requirements, and a little about yourself.  We'd also remind participants how many times they need to log in and to contact Support for help.

2.  Set a basic "first" question as a mandatory question.  That ensures they've seen your Notice and this first question before they begin the discussion.  It ensures they don't skip over your important information. 

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