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Timing Is Everything: "When do things happen in my projects?" (Board Open/Close, Client access, etc.)

Board Timing

Each QualBoard has an OPEN and CLOSE time.  You can see these from any tab in the discussion, on the top left beneath the Project's title(s).

Section Timing

Each Section has an OPEN time (and can optionally have a "Hide" time).  You can see when each section opens from the Discussion Guide Project Timeline view.


Each QualBoard has a project timezone.  This is the reference point for all times in the discussion and is the timezone for Open/Close of the project and each section.  This project is set to Eastern US (UTC -5:00).  We typically select a timezone that applies to most of the participants on the board.

Note:  Users can set their own timezone for their profile in the My Profile area in the top left.  QualBoard will translate all times to the timezone on their personal profile any time they are in the Discussion View tab. In the example above, a participant from Los Angeles will see that the project opens at 3:00 AM instead of 6:00AM).

Accessing Closed Projects

When a board closes, the participants will lose access to it. Moderators and clients, on the other hand, will continue to have access to their project for 90 days before it disappears from their dashboard and becomes "archived." We can return any archived project to your dashboard at any point, just contact support to gain access to an archived board.

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