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Auto-Applying Group Tags and Auto-Segmenting

One of the most powerful features of QualBoard is its ability to auto-apply group tags.  Many times researchers want to group or segment users into various categories. "Frequent User of Product X," "Primary Grocery Shopper," and "Early Adopter" are all examples of the types of categories we can label our participants with using Group Tags.

While many moderators assign group tags to participants ahead of the discussion, QualBoard can also be used to auto-segment and "tag" your participants!  This can be a very powerful way to organize your participants or even to use logic and skip patterns in your discussion.

Use multiple choice or multiple answer response types to auto assign group tags

Set up a Multiple Choice or Multiple Answer question in your discussion guide.  Click to "Create a New Option"  for your multiple choice

Auto-assigning a Group Tag 

You can then type in the responses the participants will choose from.  By typing in a group name, you can set this question up to auto-assign the group.  Anyone who answers "I eat at a casual dining restaurant more than 5 times per month" will get assigned the FREQUENT DINER tag (they don't see this or know this, of course!)

Note: you can have a given choice apply more than one tag; so you could apply "Frequent Diner" and "Target Market" in the same response.

Editing your existing tags for a question

You can edit your multiple choice answers using the pencil icon to the right.

Limiting questions or sections to certain groups

In the question above, we've limited the groups who can see this question to JUST our "Non-Diners." We're asking them why they choose to never dine out.

You can also limit an entire section to a group tag by clicking the Advanced Options on the top right of the section and clicking the Limit Section by Group Tags option on the bottom.

Auto-segmenting and logic

In the example above, the first question will apply our group tags.  The second question is seen ONLY by people with the "Non-Diner" tag.  This effectively lets us apply segmentation labels and logic in one simple step.

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