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Masking and Making Questions Private

1.  Full Masking: The participants NEVER see each other's answers to this question.  If you were to set up your entire discussion as "Fully Masked", you would in effect create an IDI, or one-on-one, with each participant, since they'd never see each other's answers (Hint: Advanced Options at the top right of the Section Editor allows you to make every question within this section masked/unmasked without setting them individually).

2.   Partial Masking: The participants can't see each other's answers until AFTER they've left their own response.  This is good for eliminating bias from other participants' responses, but still allows the participants to see the other answers later.

3.   Limit to Groups: This allows you to limit this question so only certain groups with the matching Group Tags see this question.  For example, you could limit this question so only participants grouped as "Male" see the question (and therefore, they'll only see the Male answers if you've left masking open or partial).

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