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How can I show content like pictures, video, and websites to participants?

You have a couple of options when you want to share content like pictures and videos.

1.   Directly Embed Stimuli:  This puts the image/video in-line within the question. The image/video can be re-sized, and you can write text within the same space.  You can also embed multiple stimuli in a single question.  Participants can click on the image(s) you've embedded in the question to see a larger version.

2.   Whiteboards:  When you add a Whiteboard to a question, the participant clicks on the REPLY or WHITEBOARD button for that question, and a large "light box" pops up with the content.  The content is clearly displayed on the page, and the participant's focus is 100% directed to the stimuli and the question about it; however, you can only add one picture/video/website per Whiteboard.  

Directly Embedding Stimuli 

1.  Edit your question, and put your cursor where you'd like to insert the content.

2.  Click the Insert Image button (the green button next to the smiley)

You can either choose existing content for this project in the Project Files tab or upload a new picture or video (up to 500MB) in the Upload New File tab.

If you click on the picture, you can re-size this image via the handles on the corners, add another image/video, or include text.  If you do not resize the picture, it will be automatically resized once you submit the post so as not to affect the margins of the screen.

Here's what it looks like in the discussion. Participants can click the image to make it larger, and click it a second time (in the pop-up) to make it full screen.

Adding a Whiteboard 

Click the "Add WhiteBoard" button (remember, only one picture/video per question)

Choose to add multimedia (picture/video) or a website (http://www.example.com)

This is what the Whiteboard question will look like to the participant.  When they click "Reply" or the "Whiteboard"  button, they'll see the Whiteboard to display.

The content is clearly displayed, and the participant is focusing ONLY on this stimuli.  They can also answer the question DIRECTLY from this window.

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