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QualBoard Question Types: Text, Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer, Media, Notice

QualBoard has several different question types, making it easy to collect the data from your participants that you're looking for.

Text Response: Text response questions are the standard question type that you'll use. A text response question gets a text response or a short answer type response from your participants.  Text responses are the most versatile response type as your participant can add images, and use the WYSWYG (what you see is what you get) Editor to format and stylize text.

Multiple Choice: This is a close-ended question type that directs your participants to choose one of the options you have listed for them. You can also select to "Require Comment," which requires participants to explain their answer. Multiple Choice questions can be utilized to assign group tags to participants. QualBoard also tabulates multiple-choice answers into a pie chart that appears in the moderators'  discussion view. This pie chart can also be visible on the transcript, so you can share it with your client team. If you would like to use some of Excel's advanced charting and graphing features,  QualBoard allows you to export the polling data in the Transcript View.

Multiple Answer: This is a close-ended question type that directs your participants to choose as many as apply from a list of options.  You can also select to "Require Comment," which requires participants to explain their answer. Like a multiple-choice question, this question type can be used to auto apply group tags to your participants. QualBoard also tabulates the results of the Multiple Answer question into a bar graph. You can view this graph by clicking on "chart responses" under the question in the discussion view. The graph prints onto the transcript. If you would like to use Excel's advanced charting options, you can export the polling data by clicking on "Export Polling Data" from the Transcript View.

Media Response: A media response question requires the participant to upload a video or image. There is a comment box available for the participant to enter a caption or provide a description of the media. As in multiple choice and multiple answer questions, moderators can make the comment required, and the participant will not be able to proceed unless they provide a comment. 

Notices: Notice questions are not actually questions; they provide a way for moderators to give additional information or instruction to the participants. 

Text Response: What a Participant Sees

When a participant answers a text response question, they'll see the above window.  they can include images or videos as part of their response by clicking the green Insert Image button next to the smiley faces. they can also upload documents (homework assignments, for example) with the Choose Files button on the bottom.

Multiple Choice: What a Participant Sees

The multiple choice options will be radio buttons, from which the participants may select only one. to the right, the participant has a space for additional comments. It can be optional or Required.

Multiple Answer: What a Participant Sees

Multiple Answers questions are checkboxes, from which your participant can select one, many, or all of the supplied options. Again, the additional comments area can be optional or required.

Media Response: What a Participant Sees

When a participant is asked a Media Response question, they MUST upload a picture/video to answer your question.  If the participant doesn't have a picture or video, they'll have to skip this question and will not be able to answer it (unless, of course, you have made it mandatory).

Notice: What a Participant Sees

A Notice is a way for you to leave feedback or information without requiring an answer from your participants.

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