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Downloading Transcripts

Your transcripts can be sorted and filtered at any time during or after a discussion.  You can export your transcript as many times as you like. 

Sorting and Filtering your Transcripts

To pull an entire transcript (no filtering or sorting), click one of the Step 3: Export  buttons without applying any filters in Step 1 or Options in Step 2. This exports a PDF, Word, HTML, or Excel version of your entire transcript.

To create a sorted, filtered export, follow these steps:

1.  A filter in the Step 1 area. If you click on any of these fields, the variables (section titles, question numbers, group tags, etc.) will appear so you can select which ones you want to target. You can filter by multiple items at one time.

2.  If you want, you can click on Preview Results Below, beneath the Step 1 filters, to see an example of how this filtered discussion will look. this is useful if you are not sure if you need to download a copy of what you've set up in the filters, but still want to see what those results yield.

3.  Click one of the export buttons at Step 3 to export the refined version.  

If you don't want to do any filtering and want the entire transcript, you can just skip to step 3 and select the file type you'd like.

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