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Moderating your Discussion

Once your discussion opens and your participants begin answering questions, you can interact in two ways: from the Discussion View, which is the basic layout of the bulletin board and is presented in sequence, or from the Quick View, which is a way to view the posts in a "feed" or auto-updating stream of posts.

Most moderators find the main Discussion View to be the best way to get the entire context of what's being said, while QuickView is the best way to keep tabs on the most recent activity. 

Discussion View Overview

You can navigate between sections via the Next and Previous buttons on the top right, or you can click on the section title to jump to any other section.

The original questions from your discussion guide will be indented to the left, while participants posts will appear beneath each question and indented to the right.

Once you scroll past the menu options on the left, you'll see the Backroom Discussion.

Participant Post

This is a basic participant post.  Participant posts will always be grey, while moderator posts have a yellow background.

Reply Button: You can reply to a participant by clicking this button. Your response to the participant will be public if the question Unmasked or Partially Masked, and it will be private if it is a Fully Masked question.

Display Name: This is generally set to be the participant's first name or first name and last initial; however, it can be set to whatever you wish. The Display Name is seen by other participants and clients. If you click this, the participant's profile will be revealed.

Group Tags: If you make the tags visible, you can specify colors for them and make them visible beneath the participant's name and avatar. These tags are still hidden from the participants.

Content tags: This shows how many content tags you've applied to this post. Highlight text in the post and right-click with your mouse to apply a tag.

Backroom notes: Clicking this allows you to leave a note for clients and other moderators.

Edit: This allows you to edit the post.

Participant Profile

You can click the participant's profile photo or their display name to view their Profile. This will list any of the demographic fields that have been updated (this information can be included when the participant is imported or it can be edited from the Project Users tab), their participation stats, and their group tags, if any.


QuickView is a unique way to see the activity in your board.  Only moderators and clients see this view (client access can be turned off).

The most recent post in your board is at the top, and new posts will automatically "drop in" from the top every 10 seconds.  You can keep this window open and monitor your entire discussion from here.  You can also reply, tag, or leave backroom notes.

At the top of this page, you can select to view Any Participant (which shows all participants) or specific individuals to see how each person is progressing through the discussion. 

Backroom Discussion

The Backroom area is hidden from your participants; only moderators and clients can see it or interact with it. In the Discussion tab, you can write and submit messages, with the most recent one appearing at the top of the list. In the Notes tab you'll see messages form moderators and clients that have been left on posts in the discussion. Click the blue (View) button to be taken to the exact post where that message/note resides.

You can also click the gear on the top right of the Backroom Discussion to turn on Email Notifications. this will ensure that you are automatically sent an email whenever a message is left in the backroom, whether in the discussion are or as a Note.

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