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Loading Participants and Sending Invitations

You can add participants manually or import them from an Excel Spreadsheet.

Adding Participants Manually

Method 1: Add Manually

You can add participants one-at-a-time by clicking the "Add Participants" button. You must supply a first and last name, email address, and display name. Only the display name will be seen by other participants. A password is not required since the participant will be prompted to create their own upon receiving the invitation.

Import from Excel

Method 2: Import from Excel

To import from Excel:

  1. Navigate to the Import tab.
  2. Download the Excel template. You must use this template. Remember to save this template as described on the first tab of the spreadsheet.
  3. Import the file.

Inviting Participants

Invite Participants (Select users)

Select the users from the list and send a welcome email.

1. Select the users individually, or check the box at the top to "select all."

2. Click "Send Email to Selected Users"

Compose Email and Send

You can either choose a email template from the system (top right) or compose your own. Don't forget to add a subject line!

You should always leave "Append Login Information to E-mail" set to YES, unless you don't want to provide the login information yet. When this is set to YES, a special auto-login link will show up at the bottom of the email sent to participants that the participants can click. This link automatically brings them to QualBoard, where they can begin their discussion. Please note that the link expires after 48 hours. If you're sending this email far in advance, choose to "Send Later" and select a date and time closer to the study.    

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