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How to View Videos in a Webcam Response Study

First, you will need to find a Webcam question.

While in the Discussion View, a Webcam Response question will look like the above image. The yellow box is the original question from the moderator, and the grey, slightly indented box is a participant's reply.

Viewing the video

Above is a thumbnail of the video taken from 10 seconds into the clip. To view the video, click the thumbnail, and a new window will appear.

The Advanced Video Player


A black window will appear on your screen. This is the Advanced Video Player.

1) This is your  Play button. Click it again to stop once the video is playing.

2) This blue triangle is the volume slider.

3) These numbers show the video duration and current position.

4) This is the video's timeline. The pale blue slider can be dragged left or right to find specific postions.

5) This lists any Group Tags that the moderator or discussion guide has assigned to the participant whose video you are currently watching.

6) This lists all of the video responses for the current question. Click any of these to view them in the middle of the screen.

7) Here, you can add notes to the video for the moderator to see or to share with other clients/observers. To add a note, click "Add Backroom Notes."

8) This is the participant's avatar photo and display name.

9) To close this window and return to the discussion, click the X in the bottom right hand corner.

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