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How to Use the QualLaborate Viewer

If QualLaborate has been enabled for your project, you'll want to make sure you know how to view the marks and comments that your participants have made.

Accessing the Results From Discussion View

While navigating through Discussion View, QualLaborate questions appear (1) just like any other question in the discussion would. As participants are completing the activity, making their marks and leaving comments (2) you will see a blue post alerting you that they are in progress. Once a participant has completed the activity, (3) a post will be made as if it were a response to the initial question containing the text written and icons selected for the First Impressions of each canvas in the activity. 

If the activity does not have first impressions enabled, then the post will appear blank. You can click the post to view the results for both completed and in-progress posts.

The Results Viewer

You will be greeted with a welcome message. Click "Help" for a guided tour through the results viewer that points out what each button does or to see options for contacting support. Click "Okay" to remove this message and view your results.

The Help Wizard

We highly recommend you go through the Help Wizard the first time you view QualLaborate results. There are lots of options on this page, so the guided tour will make these options easier to understand. You can access the Wizard either by clicking "Help" on the welcome message or clicking "Help" on the top of the page.

To proceed through the tour, click the "Next" button on the bottom right of the window to move through the tour. Click "Close Help" to exit or "Chat with Support" to speak with our technical support team.

Still need help? Email Tech Support Email Tech Support