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How to Navigate the LifeNotes Journal

The LifeNotes Journal is a feature that can be added to any QualBoard project. It provides an alternate place for participants to post ongoing journal entries throughout the life of the board.

Accessing LifeNotes

If LifeNotes has been enabled for your project, you will see a "LIFENOTES JOURNAL" tab appear on the left hand navigation pane. Click this tab to enter the Journal.

Features of the LifeNotes Journal Page

This is the LifeNotes Journal page where you can view all of the participants' journal posts. They are presented in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top of the list.

(1) The text in the current activity window represents what is currently being broadcasted to participants. This is to what they would be responding if they were to post an entry at this moment.
(2) From this drop down menu, you can select a single participant to view the posts of just one.
(3) This picture is the avatar/profile picture that the participant uploaded. Beneath this picture is the time and date that the post was submitted, and if you see an icon denoting a mobile phone, then you'll know that the post was made from the Qualboard Mobile app rather than from a computer.
(4) The text in the darker green background represents the activity the participant was responding to when they made this post.
(5) The text they submitted is in this area with the lighter yellow/green background.
(6) If the participant submitted a video or photo with their post, it will appear here. You can click it to enlarge the image or play the video.

Filtering Participants

When you click on the drop down menu that filters participants, you'll see the participants split into two categories - users with LifeNotes entries and users without LifeNotes entries. There is no reason to select any name in the latter category, because those participants have not yet posted.

Mapping Posts

In some cases, if the participant has Geo Mapping enabled on their phone, you will see a small map icon appear beneath their avatar on their post. Clicking this map opens a new, navigable map window that denotes the locations where the journal posts originated.

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