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Accessing Your New Project

Receive Login Instructions

When you've been invited to view an online discussion, you'll most likely receive an invitation email. Typically, this email will come from noreply@qualboard.com, because it has been generated by a user on the QualBoard website. At the bottom of the email, you'll see a small section titled "Your Login Information." Click the blue link labeled "Click here to view your account." This will take you to the QualBoard login page where, if it's your first time accessing the system, you'll be prompted to set your own password. Make sure to click this link within 48 hours of receiving it; otherwise, we'll need to resend you an invite.

This email also cannot be forwarded to other people, because the link in the email is specific to your email address and will not work if anyone else clicks it.

Logging In for the First Time

When you click the link above and are accessing your account for the first time, the first option you'll see on the web page is to select your language. After choosing your preferred language, click "Continue."

Updating Your Settings

In the following screen, you'll be asked to enter your time zone and turn Daylight Savings Time on or off. If you're not sure what time zone settings are appropriate for your location, don't hesitate to contact support and ask us for our assistance.

Next, you'll have to enter in a new password twice, both times entering the same password. This is to ensure that there are no typos when you enter the password.

Accessing the Dashboard

Now that you've assigned a password to yourself, you'll be taken to general login page. This is the page that you'll want to bookmark in case you plan on visiting often (the link in the email invitation will also take you here now that your account has been set up). This URL, if you'd like to write it down, is  https://login.qualboard.com/.

Once you enter your email address and the password you programmed in the last step, you'll be able to login and view your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard

This is your Dashboard, which is the portal where you can access all of the projects you have access to. Before jumping into any projects, we recommend viewing the "QualBoard Client Intro Video" by clicking the grey play button (1). This video will explain the options you have while viewing a project as a client. A lot of this information is also repeated here at http://qualboardhelp.helpscoutdocs.com/collection/391-client-help.

(2) By clicking on "Update My Profile," you can upload an avatar picture for yourself and change your name on the board. You can also change your time zone settings from that page.

(3) To sign out and return to the login page, click on the "Sign Out" link on the top right of the page.

(4) To access this client help site, you can click on the "Help Desk" link on the top left of the page. You can also scroll to the bottom left of the page to contact support via chat or the bottom right to submit a support request to us.

(5) Boards that you have access to will be listed in the middle of your dashboard, under "My Projects."

My Projects

To enter the project, click either the (1) blue link that denotes the board's name or click the (2) green "Start" button. If the board has not yet gone live to participants (they cannot access it yet), the "Start" button will instead appear as a yellow "Pause" icon. You can still click the symbol to login. When the board has been closed to participants, the icon will change to a red "Stop" symbol. You'll still be able to access it and view the study for up to 90 days after the board has closed. If you require access to it again after it has closed, contact support to make it reappear on your screen.

The details listed with each board also include the date and time the board will close to participants, what your display name is on the board (only Moderators and other clients will ever see your display name), the total number of posts from the participants, and when the latest post was made.

Still need help? Email Tech Support Email Tech Support