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How to Enter a LifeNotes Journal Entry

Enter the LifeNotes Journal

If LifeNotes has been enabled for your project, you will see the LifeNotes Journal tab listed on the left of your screen when you enter the project. Click it to enter the LifeNotes page.

The LifeNotes Page

When you enter the page, you'll see the current topic that the moderator would like you to discuss. This may change throughout the course of your project, so make sure to read it every time you log in. 

After you've read the assignment/topic, click the "Add Entry" button to post your journal entry. 

Below this, you'll be able to see your previously submitted entries. The pale lime colored box lists the original question/activity/assignment from the moderator and your response below it. If you uploaded any videos or images along with your entry, they will be posted to the right of the text you submitted.

Adding a LifeNotes Entry

When you click the "Add Entry" button, a window will appear for you to post your entry. The initial assignment/question from the moderator will be listed on top for you to reference while you type in your entry below it. If you'd like to upload any images or videos in your entry, you can click the "Select File" button to do so.

Once you've completed your entry, click the "Save Entry" button to submit it.

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