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Tips on Recording Media on my Smart Phone or Tablet

There are three main tips that we'd like to cover to make sure that you are able to submit your media to us with as little trouble as possible.

Hold Your Phone Horizontally When Recording

For taking pictures, the angle does not matter, but when recording video, you will need to hold your phone horizontally. This is because our computer monitors are horizontal, so your video will fit best into it when we are watching your videos.

Lower your video resolution before recording

Modern cell phones shoot extremely high quality video, which results in extremely large files that take forever to upload. 

The settings to lower your video resolution will be different for each phone, but in all cases, the option appears in your settings on the screen when your camera app is open. In many cases, you can just switch to your front-facing camera to record in a lower resolution setting.

For some Android screenshots, click here: How do I lower the Video Recording Quality on my Android?

Uploading to QualBoard through the QualBoard Mobile App

If you are submitting your video through the mobile app, give it time. You might have a black screen or a loading bar - if so, you can just turn off your screen and go about your business. It should be uploaded in a few minutes. If you back out of the screen or press your home button, it will interrupt the upload and cause it to fail.

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